Paid Sick Leave Reimbursement and Office Hours

A study on paid sick leave shows “states are reducing infections by 400 cases per day in states that previously had no paid sick leave guarantee.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, certain employers are required by law to provide up to 80 hours of additional paid sick leave when eligible employees need to miss work for specific COVID-19 reasons. Employers covered by this pandemic paid sick leave requirement include franchise owners, and small businesses with 50 or more employees who are critical to neighborhood local economies. Eligible employers with 499 or less employees are entitled to refundable tax credits from the federal government for qualified sick leave wages until September 30, 2021. The Philadelphia Department of Labor’s Office of Worker Protections is working with trusted community partners to connect Philadelphia small businesses to this federal tax credit for paid sick leave reimbursement

During this program, the Office of Worker Protection has scheduled the following “Compliance Support Office Hours” dates where employers can pop in to ask questions about the paid sick leave reimbursement tax credit: