The Merchant’s Fund Restore and Reopen Grants

Application window for the first round of funding is expected to open on this coming Tuesday, June 30th and remain open for 10 business days.  Applications will continue to be accepted after 10 business days, but will be considered for future rounds of funding.  Additional rounds will be announced soon.  Please check the program website for the details on the program –

The Merchant’s Fund will be begin to accept applications to provide grants to small, independently-owned businesses in historically disadvantaged communities that have suffered property damage, vandalism or inventory losses during the recent civil unrest. Grants will be made up to $10,000 depending on the extent of damage and needs of the business.

Eligibility: Businesses must:

  • Occupy a storefront, retail, or commercial space physically located in Philadelphia. This includes kiosks.
  • Have experienced more than $500 in damage during civil unrest between May 30, 2020 and time of application.
  • Be independently-owned; franchises are eligible only if independently-owned.
  • Earn annual revenue of less than $2 million at the impacted location.
  • Be in compliance with all local, state, and federal taxes (or on an approved payment plan).
  • Have required federal, state, and local licenses and permits to legally operate.

Program Priorities: Due to limited funding, the Restore and Reopen grant program will prioritize businesses that:

  • Are located in historically disadvantaged communities.
  • Employ local residents.

The Fund will begin accepting applications on  Monday, June 22nd after 1:00 PM and will be open under Sunday, June 28th.

Information is also available in Chinese and Korean.  

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